GSA Awards (L-R): W. R. Browne Award, S. W. Carey Medal and Joe Harms Medal.

National Awards

GSA Awards

The Geological Society of Australia awards its best and brightest at each GSA convention

Nominations for National GSA Awards
We seek nominations from all GSA members for consideration for:

  • W.R. Browne Medal, for distinguished contributions to the geological sciences in Australia
  • S.W. Carey Medal, for a person distinguished in the field of tectonics (sensu lato)
  • Garry Davidson Award, recognises an accomplished early- to mid-career researcher in the field of applied geochemistry and someone who has the ability to inspire younger geoscientists and promote geoscience
  • Joe Harms Medal, for excellence in mineral exploration and contributions to the discovery of ore deposits in Australia
  • E.S. Hills Medal, for outstanding contribution(s) to any branch of the geological sciences by a young Australian geologist
  • Beryl Nashar Award, recognises the achievements of female Australian geoscientists at a national level 
  • A.E. Ringwood Medal, for exceptional research advances in the knowledge of fundamental Earth processes, especially through studies involving petrology and geochemistry and who is recognised internationally for the stature of that contribution

The nomination should include a brief summary of the most significant contributions of the nominee. Nominations should be received by 31 July 2020. 

Caroline Tiddy
Chair, GSA Awards Standing Committee 
Email: [email protected]

For further advice on awards, please click on Policy Statement below

Download Policy Statement
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Nomination Steps
The following steps detail how to nominate colleagues for the E. S. Hills Medal, Joe Harms Medal, S. W. Carey Medal, W. R. Browne Medal or A. E. Ringwood Medal
1. Complete the Nomination Form 
Download Nomination Form
(Microsoft Word Document)
2. E-mail nomination form and appropriate supporting documents to [email protected] or mail to:
Geological Society of Australia 
Attn: Awards Committee 
Suite 8, Level 2, Front Office
141 Peats Ferry Road
Hornsby NSW 2077
Specific award requirements (in addition to the nomination form) are outlined below
Nominations must be received at the GSA Business Office by 31 July 2020

Please contact:
Caroline Tiddy, Chair, GSA Awards Committee

  • Nomination Form
  • Curriculum Vitae 
    Required for all national awards
  • Nomination Letter
    Summary of scientific contributions to geology and to the Society. 300 words or less
  • Selected Bibliography
    S. W. Carey Medal, David I. Groves Award: 20 titles or less. 
    W. R. Browne Award and Joe Harms Medal & E. S. Hills: bibliography not required
  • Letters of support
    Nominations must be supported by two signed letters (or electronic signatures) from two GSA Members IN ADDITION to the person making the nomination. Supporting letters must discuss candidates qualifications with regard to the specific criteria listed for the medal or award
Other Awards
Mawson Medal and Lecture
The Mawson Medal and Lecture recognise outstanding contributions to earth science in Australia and are made biennially at the Australian Geological Convention or Australian Earth Science Convention of the Geological Society of Australia.

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