GSA Awards

E. S. Hills Medal
The E. S. Hills Medal is awarded early to mid-career for outstanding contribution(s) to any branch of the Earth sciences, anywhere.

Selection criteria:
- Demonstrated significant early contributions in any field of the Earth sciences. Since this is aimed at early-mid careerists the designation of “significant early contribution” will be determined based upon output vs opportunity;
- Early to mid career Earth Scientists. Within 15 yrs of completion of their highest degree (excluding periods of career interruption);
- A member of the GSA;
- Evidence of impactful service to the geological community and
- Evidence of being a new, dynamic emerging leader in their field, capable of inspiring future geoscientists.

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2023: Laura Morrissey
Presented at AESC, 2023

2021: Alice Clement
Presented at AESC, 2021

2018: Simon Holford
Presented at AGCC, 2018

2016: Siobhan (Sasha) Wilson
Presented at AESC, 2016

2014: -
No medal awarded

2012: Wouter Schellart
Presented at AESC, 2012

2010: Nathan Daczko
Presented at AESC, 2010