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W. R. Browne Award 
The W. R. Browne Award is awarded at the Australian Geological Convention to a person distinguished for contributions to the geological sciences in Australia

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W. R. Browne Award

2021: Peter Betts
Presented at AESC, 2021

2018: Neville Exon
Presented at AGCC, 2018

2016: Bryan Smith
Presented at AESC, 2016

2014: Gavin Young
Presented at 21st AGC/AESC, 2014

2012: John Foden
Presented at 34th IGC, 2012

2010: Anthony Cockbain
Presented at 20th AGC/AESC, 2010

2008: Jim Ross
Presented at 19th AGC/AESC, 2008

2006: Ken Campbell
Presented at 18th AGC/AESC, 2006

2004: Ian Withnall
Presented at 17th ACG, 2004

2002: Brenda Franklin
Presented at 16th AGC, 2002

2000: Alfons VandenBerg
Presented at 15th AGC, 2000

1998: Cecil George Murray
Presented at 14th AGC, 1998

1996: John R. De Laeter
Presented at 13th AGC, 1996

1994: Allan White
Presented at 12th AGC, 1994

1992: David Brown
Presented at 11th AGC, 1992