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Beryl Nashar Award

Outline of the award, its merit and selection criteria

The introduction of this award will address a key area that is not covered by existing GSA awards.

Furthermore, it fall within the strategic objectives of GSA and targets an unrecognised group within the GSA membership base:

  1. Addressing an area that is gaining increasing community and professional recognition.

Presently, there is no GSA award that caters specifically for increasing number of women geologists in Australia and in GSA with the result that all GSA awards in a specific year may not include one woman recipient. Additionally, there is no national GSA award that carries the name of a female geologist who has made significant impact in the geosciences within Australia.  Therefore the award would also be recognising past achievements of women geologists on a national level.

  1. Fields involved

The award should cover women geologists in any field(s) of geology at any stage in her professional career and only be limited by sex, GSA membership and Australian association.

  1. Contributions to the geological community.
    Currently there are no national GSA medals/ awards for women geologists where professional service, inspiration, and scientific achievements are recognised.
    The woman recipient will not only be an accomplished research scientist but someone who has the ability to inspire other geoscientists and promote geoscience.

Award recognition:

This award recognizes the contributions of an Australian woman geologist of any age who has made a significant contribution to any field(s) of geology and the geological profession in general.

The awardee will be an emerging leader or already a leader in geology, with the ability to inspire future generations of earth scientists.

Selection criteria:

  • Substantial contribution in geological field(s) as evidenced by achievements including notable scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals and significant contributions to geoscience teaching.
  • Evidence of impactful service to the geological community.
  • Evidence of being a dynamic leader in their field(s), capable of inspiring future geoscientists.
  • A member of the GSA.
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Beryl Nashar - courtesy (University of Newcastle)

The inaugural Beryl Nashar Award will be presented at the 2021 AESC in Hobart