GSA Awards

S. W. Carey Medal
The S. W. Carey Medal is awarded to a person distinguished in the field of tectonics (sensu lato) who has demonstrated impact to the science.

Selection criteria:
- Evidence of sustained contributions (relative to opportunity) and scientific impact in any field  relating to tectonics and structural geology through academic, industry or government channels;
- A member of the GSA;
- Evidence of impactful service to the geological community

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S. W. Carey Medal.

2023: Alexander (Sandy) Cruden
Presented at AESC, 2023

2021: Alan Collins 

Presented at AESC, 2021

2018: Peter Betts

Presented at AGCC, 2018

2016: Zheng-Xiang Li
Presented at AESC 2016

2014: Mike Sandiford
Presented at 21st AGC/AESC, 2014

2012: Richard Glen
Presented at 34th IGC, 2012

2010: Bill Collins
Presented at 20th ACG, 2010

2008: Prof. Gordon Lister
Presented at 19th ACG, 2008

2006: -
No award

2004: Dietmar Müller
Presented at 17th ACG, 2004

2002: Peter Cawood
Presented at 16th AGC, 2002

2000: Russell Korsch
Presented at 15th AGC, 2000

1998: David Gray
Presented at 14th AGC, 1998

1996: Evan Leitch
Presented at 13th AGC, 1996

1994: Erwin Scheibner
Presented at 12th AGC, 1994

1992: John Veevers 
Presented at S. W. Carey Symposium Dinner, 1992 (first recipient)