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Issue 7

J. A. Webb
Denudation history of the Southeastern Highlands of Australia

N. G. Direen, B. E. Cohen, R. Maas, F. A. Frey, J. M. Whittaker, M. F. Coffin, S. Meffre, J. A. Halpin and A. J. Crawford
Naturaliste Plateau: Constraints on the timing and evolution of the Kerguelen Large Igneous Province and its role in Gondwana breakup

J. Yan, P. G. Lennox and R. Offler
The structural evolution of the Northern Hastings Block and southern Nambucca Block, southern New England Orogen, eastern Australia

A. J. Mory, J. L. Crowley, J. Backhouse, R. S. Nicoll, S. E. Bryan, M. López-Martínez and D. J. Mantle
Apparent conflicting Roadian-Wordian (middle Permian) CA-IDTIMS and palynology ages from the Canning Basin, Western Australia

M. F. Gazley, L. C. Bonnett, L. A. Fisher, W. Salama and J. H. Price
A workflow for exploration sampling in regolith dominated terranes using portable X-ray fluorescence: comparison to laboratory data and a case study

B. Peng, Z. Jin, J. Wang, T. Chang, X. Zhu, and B. Gul
The significance and timing of sheetflood vs. braided channel deposition on lacustrine fan deltas, Junggar Basin, NW China

J. Ge, X. Zhu, F. Yu, B. G. Jones, Z. Niu and M. Li

Tectono-stratigraphic evolution and hydrocarbon exploration in the Eocene Southern Lufeng Depression, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea

H. Chen, X. Zhu, C. Chen, W. Yin, Q. Zhang and R. Shi
Diagenesis and hydrocarbon emplacement in the Upper Triassic Yanchang Formation tight sandstones in the southern Ordos Basin, China.
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