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Issue 1

C. L. Fergusson
Mid to late Paleozoic shortening pulses in the Lachlan Orogen, southeastern Australia: a review

Y. Teitler, P. Duuring & S. G. Hagemann
Genesis history of iron ore from Mesoarchean BIF at the Wodgina mine, Western Australia

S. A. Jones
Geology and geochemistry of fault-hosted hydrothermal and sedimentary manganese deposits in the Oakover Basin, east Pilbara, Western Australia

A. J. Reid, F. Jourdan & E. A. Jagodzinski

Mesoproterozoic fluid events affecting Archean crust in the northern Olympic Cu–Au Province, Gawler Craton: insights from 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology

A. Bailey, E. Tenthorey & B. Ayling
Characterising the present-day stress regime of the Georgina Basin
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