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Issue Supplement 1 

Issue 1: Thematic Issue: Conceptual mineral exploration. 

D I Groves

J M A Hronsky & D I Groves
Science of targeting: definition, strategies, targeting and performance measurement

A Ford & T G Blenkinsop
Evaluating geological complexity and complexity gradients as controls on copper mineralisation, Mt Isa Inlier

V Nykänen, D I Groves, V J Ojala, P Eilu & S J Gardoll
Reconnaissance-scale conceptual fuzzy-logic prospectivity mapping for iron oxide copper –gold deposits in the northern Fennoscandian Shield, Finland

V Nykänen, D I Groves, J Ojala & S Gardoll
Combined conceptual/empirical prospectivity mapping for orogenic gold in the Northern Fennoscandian Shield, Finland

F P Bierlein, H J Northover, D I Groves, R J Goldfarb & E E Marsh
Controls on mineralisation in the Sierra Foothills gold province, central California, USA: a GIS-based reconnaissance prospectivity analysis

F P Bierlein, S J Fraser,W M Brown & T Lees 

Advanced methodologies for the analysis of databases of mineral deposits and major faults

W. Potma, P. A. Roberts, P. M. Schaubs, H. A. Sheldon, Y. Zhang, B.E. Hobbs & A. Ord
Predictive targeting in Australian orogenic-gold systems at the deposit to district scales using numerical modelling