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Issue 1
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Issue 1
B. Krapez
Sequence‐stratigraphic concepts applied to the identification of depositional basins and global tectonic cycles

B. M. Simonson & S. W. Hassler
Revised correlations in the early Precambrian Hamersley Basin based on a horizon of resedimented impact spherules

R. A. Glen & D. Wyborn
Inferred thrust imbrication, deformation gradients and the Lachlan Transverse Zone in the Eastern Belt of the Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales

K. Sundaralingam
Shear velocity structure beneath the Western Australian region

S. Shafik & M. Idnurm
Calcareous microplankton and polarity reversal stratigraphies of the upper Eocene browns creek clay in the Otway Basin, southeast Australia: Matching the evidence

R. R. Anand, C. Phang, J. E. Wildman & M. J. Lintern
Genesis of some calcretes in the southern Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: Implications for mineral exploration

P.E. Wells & R. Connell
Movement of hydrological fronts and widespread erosional events in the southwestern Tasman sea during the Late Quaternary

N. T. M. Hamilton & L. B. Collins
Morphostratigraphy and evolution of a Holocene composite barrier at Minninup, southwestern Australia

G. Herbert
Sequence stratigraphic analysis of early and middle Triassic alluvial and estuarine fades in the Sydney Basin, Australia

V. J. Morand, M. J. Hughes, G. N. Jones, D. R. Gray & L. Mortimer
Implications of overprinting deformations and fold interference patterns in the Melbourne Zone, Lachlan Fold Belt