Welcome to our New Online Membership Database! Please login and explore the new system which will progressively offer more and more ways for us to better serve our members.

First things first - your Username is your email address registered with the GSA.
For security reasons you need to set up a new password in order to gain access to your account. To do this follow the steps noted below. Please also read the “important key steps and issues” after Step 4, below, as you go through the site.

1. Click Sign In at the top of GSA Website.

2. Choose “I don't know my password

3. Enter your Email Address in the Username field and Click “Submit”

If the system cannot locate your email address, please contact us (see contact details below).

4. Once your password is emailed to you, you can return to the site and log into the system. Once signed in select your name, located in the upper right next to the Sign Out to access your membership record.

The information in your record is what we were able to transfer from our previous records. You now have an important opportunity to make additions or corrections. If you have questions regarding the new system or your membership, please contact [email protected]

Thank you

T: 02 9290 2194

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