Specialist Group in Economic Geology (SGEG)

The Specialist Group in Economic Geology (SGEG) is for economic geologists working in Australia and abroad with interests in all aspects of economic geology across industry, academia and government, hard rock and soft rock, from exploring mineral deposits through to mining and extraction.

Key objectives:

  • Advocate and promote sound science in the area of economic geology.
  • Facilitate the exchange and cross-fertilisation of knowledge and information.
  • Be a forum to provide education and mentoring in economic geology.

What we do:

  • Networking for early career, industry, academic and government geoscientists.
  • Provide opportunities for mentoring and collaboration.
  • Host and sponsor periodic economic geology talks/workshops with an emphasis on new ideas and technology to encourage discussion and sharing of knowledge, including hands-on activities such as rock exhibitions and technology demonstrations.
  • Host a biennial conference with field component.
  • Provide practical training courses for early career geoscientists.
  • Travel sponsorship for early career geoscientists and keynote speakers to present at conferences.
  • Award the A.B. Edwards medal for best economic geology paper in AJES (annually).
  • Thematic issues of Australian Journal of Earth Sciences.


Matt Crowe
E: matt.crowe@hotmail.com

Matthew Painter
Ardea Resources Ltd
E: mpainter@ardearesources.com.au

Helen McFarlane 
CET University of Western Australia
E: hbmcfarlane@gmail.com

Non-Executive Committee Members
Vitor Barrote
Luke Blais
John Walshe
Marcus Willson
Wally Witt