List of Fellows

Any person who is a voting member of the Society, who is a geologist with a minimum of ten (10) years professional experience, and who has made a significant contribution to the science of geology or related fields shall be eligible to be elected a Fellow of the Society. A Fellow will be entitled to use the postnominal initials FGSAust. Members who fulfill these criteria may be nominated by two full members for consideration and recommendation of the nomination to the Executive Committee for election.

Andrew, A. S
Baillie, P. W.
Berkman, D. A.
Binns, R. A. (FTSE) 
Blake, P. R.
Branch, C.
Brown, M. C.
Burne, R. V.
Burrett, C. F.
Campbell, K. S. W. (FAA) 
Cann, J. J.
Chivas, A. R.
Clark, I. F.
Cockbain, A. E.
Collins, A. S.
Cook, P. J. (FTSE)
Cooper, B. J.
Crawford, A. J.
Diessel, C. F. K. (FTSE) 
Etheridge, M. A. (FTSE)
Fardon, R. S. H. (FTSE) 
Foden, J. D.
Franklin, B. J.
Freeman, M. J.
Gleadow, A. J. W. (FAA)
Green, D. H. (FAA)
Grey, K.
Groves, D. I. (FAA)
Habermehl, M. A.
Hamilton, L. H.

Harrington, H. J.
Harrison, T. M. (FAA)
Hill, S. M. 
Hillis, R. (FGSAust)
Ho, S. E.
Hobbs, B. E. (FAA, FTSE)
Hutton, L. J
Jackson, M. J.
Jell, J. S.
Kenley, P. R.
Kennett, B. L. N. (FAA) 
Large, R. R. (FTSE)
Lovering, J. F. (FAA, FTSE)
McCulloch, M. T. (FAA)
McDougall, I. (FAA)
McLaren, S. N.
McQueen, K. G.
Mernagh, T. P.
O'Reilly, S. Y. (FAA)
Och, D. J.
Passmore, V. L.
Paterson, M. S. (FAA)
Pillans, B. J
Playford, P. E. (FTSE)
Plimer, I. R. (FTSE)
Price, R. C.
Rattigan, J. H.
Richards, S. M. (FTSE)
Rickard, M. J.
Rutland, R. W. R. (FTSE)

Sandiford, M. A.
Sappal, K. K.
Seccombe, P. K.
Shackleton, W. G.
Siemon, J. E. 
Smith, R. E. (FTSE)
Smith, M. J.
Spencer-Jones, D.
Sutherland, F. L.
Taylor, G. R. 
Taylor, G. F.
Taylor, G. M.
Taylor, S. R. (FAA) 
Tiddy, C. J.
Traves, D. M. 
Truswell, E. M. (FAA)
Turner, S. P.
Veevers, J. J. (FAA) 
Vernon, R. H. 
Von Gnielinski, F. 
Walker, K. R.  
Walter, M. R. (FAA) 
Ward, C. R. 
Williams, G. E. 
Williams, N. (FTSE) 
Wilson, C. J. L.
Withnall, I. W. 
Yaxley, G. M.
Yeats. C. J.

Nomination for Fellows
The nominator should complete the Nomination Form with accompanying documentation send to the business office. The Nomination Form includes the criteria, process and provision for nominator and nominee details.

Download Nomination Form
(Microsoft Word Document)