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Issue 1
M. Rajabi, M. Tingay & O. Heidbach
The present-day stress field of New South Wales, Australia

G. H. Packham & T. C. T. Hubble
HubbleThe Narooma Terrane offshore: a new model for the southeastern Lachlan Orogen using data from rocks dredged from the New South Wales continental slope

S. Dunstan, G. Rosenbaum & A. Babaahmadi
Structure and kinematics of the Louth-Eumarra Shear Zone (north-central New South Wales, Australia) and implications for the Paleozoic plate tectonic evolution of eastern Australia

R. A. Duncan, P. G. Quilty, J. Barling & J. M. Fox

Geological development of Heard Island, Central Kerguelen Plateau 

I. McDougall 
Remarkable Cave, Tasmania 

A. Glikson, A. Hickman & R. Crossley 
Evidence for a shock-metamorphic breccia within a buried impact crater, Lake Raeside, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia 

A. Mann, P. de Caritat & G. Sylvester 
Degree of Geochemical Similarity (DOGS): a simple statistical method to quantify and map affinity between samples from multi-element geochemical data sets 

L. Zhao & I. Graham 
Origin of the alkali tonsteins from southwest China: Implications for alkaline magmatism associated with the waning stages of the Emeishan Large Igneous Province