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Issue 1
D. H. Moore, P. G. Betts & M. Hall
Fragmented Tasmania: the transition from Rodinia to Gondwana.

N. Stokes, C. L. Fergusson & R.
Offler Backarc basin and ocean island basalts in the Narooma Accretionary Complex, Australia: setting, geochemistry and tectonics.

K. Lane, E. Jagodzinski, A. Reid, M. Hand & R. Dutch
Age constraints on the timing of iron ore mineralisation in the southeastern Gawler Craton.

E. Swierczek, G. Backe, S. P. Holford, E. Thentorey & A. Mitchell
3D seismic analysis of complex faulting patterns above the Snapper Field, Gippsland Basin: implications for CO2 storage.

G. R. Holdgate & R. H. Grapes
Wairau Basin and fault connections across Cook Strait, New Zealand. Seismic and geological evidence.

D. I. Cendón, C. E. Hughes, J. J. Harrison, S. I. Hankin, M. P. Johansen, T. E. Payne, H. Wong, B. Rowling, M. Vine, K. Wilsher, A. Guinea & S. Thiruvoth
Identification of sources and processes in a low-level radioactive waste site adjacent to landfills: groundwater hydrogeochemistry and isotopes.