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Issue 1
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Issue 1

W. E. Featherstone, N. J. Brown, J. C. McCubbine & M. S. Filmer
Description and release of Australian gravity field model testing data

A. H. Alghamdi, A. R. A. Aitken & M. C. Dentith

The composition and structure of the deep crust of the Capricorn Orogen

B. P. J. Stevens & G. M. Bradley
Sedimentology in metamorphic rocks, the Willyama Supergroup, Broken Hill, Australia

L. S. Normore, Y. Y. Zhen, L. M. Dent, J. L. Crowley, I. G. Percival & M. T. D. Wingate
Early Ordovician CA-IDTIMS U–Pb zircon dating and conodont biostratigraphy, Canning Basin, Western Australia


M. Martin, M. Wakefield, V. Bianchi, J. Esterle & F. Zhou
Evidence for marine influence in the Lower Jurassic Precipice Sandstone, Surat Basin, eastern Australia


C. B. Dimalanta, D. V. Faustino-Eslava, J. T. Padrones, K. L. Queaño, R. A. B. Concepcion, S. Suzuki & G. P. Yumul Jr.
Cathaysian slivers in the Philippine island arc: geochronologic and geochemical evidence from sedimentary formations of the west Central Philippines

X. L. You, S. Sun, C. S. Lin & J. Q. Zhu
Microbial dolomite in the sabkha environment of the middle Cambrian in the Tarim Basin, NW China

G. Chen, W. Z. Gang, N. Wang & L. Y. Zhao
Geochemical characterisation of the Xiagou Formation carbonate-bearing mudstone in southwestern Jiuquan Basin, China: implications for paleo-environment reconstruction and the origin of organic matter

B.Z. Xian, J.H. Wang, J.P. Liu, Y.L. Dong, C.L. Gong & Z.Y. Lu
Delta-fed turbidites in a lacustrine rift basin: the Eocene Dongying depression, Bohai Bay Basin, East China