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Issue 1
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Issue 1

P. J. Cook 
Introduction for thematic issue on CO2 sequestration.

M. A. Bunch 
Gauging geological characterisation for CO2 storage: the Australasian experience so far.

S. Varma, J. Underschultz, S. B. Giger, B. Field, L. Roncaglia, J. Hodgkinson, & D. Hilditch 
CO2 geosequestration potential in the Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia.

L. Stalker, S. Varma, D. Van Gent, J. Haworth & S. Sharma. 
South West Hub – a carbon capture and storage project.

G. W. O’Brien, P. R. Tingate, L. M. Divko Goldie, J. A. Miranda, M. J. Campi & K. Liu

Basin-scale fluid flow in the Gippsland Basin: implications for geological carbon storage.

J. Hodgkinson & M. Grigorescu 
Background research for selection of potential geostorage targets – case studies from the Surat Basin, Queensland.

S. M. Farquhar, G. K. W. Dawson, J. S. Esterle & S. D. Golding 
Mineralogical characterisations of CO2 sequestration in the Surat Basin.

A. Golab, R. Romeyn, H. Averdunk, M. Knackstedt & T. J. Senden 
3D characterisation of potential CO2 reservoir and seal rocks.

S. D. Golding, I. T. Uysal, R. Bolhar, C. J. Boreham, G. K. W. Dawson, K. A. Baublys & J. S. Esterle

Carbon dioxide-rich coals of the Oaky Creek areas, central Bowen Basin: a natural analogue for carbon sequestration in coal systems

K. L. Pinetown 

Assessment of the CO2 sequestration potential of coal seams in the Hunter Coalfield, Sydney Basin.