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Issue 1
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Issue 1

J R Austin & T G Blenkinsop 
Cloncurry Fault Zone strain partitioning and multiple deformation in a long-lived, crustal-scale structure in the Mt Isa Inlier

G R Burton 
New structural model to explain geophysical features in northwestern New South Wales implications for the tectonic framework of the Tasmanides

J-W Mao, G-Q Xie, F Pirajno, H-S Ye, Y-B Wang, Y-F Li, J-F Xiang & H-J Zhao
Late Jurassic_Cretaceous granitoid magmatism in Eastern Qinling, central-eastern China: SHRIMP zircon U_Pb ages and tectonic implications

A Y Glikson & J Vickers
Asteroid impact connections of crustal evolution 

M D Cheetham, R T Bush, A F Keene & W D Erksine
Longitudinal variation in the Late Quaternary terrace sequences of Widden Brook, southeastern Australia

M Kh Khalifa & C R Ward
Sedimentological analysis of the subsurface Mulga Downs Group in the central part of the Darling Basin, western New South Wales

R A Craddock, M F Hutchinson & J A Stein
Topographic data reveal a buried fluvial landscape in the Simpson Desert, Australia