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Issue 1: Thematic Issue: Surface water and groundwater: understanding the importance of their connections. Guest Editor R I Acworth

R I Acworth

R Brodie, S Baskaran, T Ransley & J Spring

Seepage meter: progressing a simple method of directly measuring water flow between surface water and groundwater systems

S Baskaran, T Ransley, R Brodie & P Baker

Investigating groundwater–river interactions using environmental tracers

S Baskaran, R Brodie, T Ransley & P Baker
Time-series measurements of stream and sediment temperature for understanding river–groundwater interactions: Border Rivers and Lower Richmond catchments, Australia

W C Glamore & B Indraratna
Tidal forcing groundwater dynamics in a restored coastal wetland: implications of saline intrusion

R I J Vogwill, S Williamson & J Kote
Hydrogeology of the coastal mining area, Lihir gold mine, Papua New Guinea

D J Anderson, W A Timms & W C Glamore
Optimising subsurface well design for coastal desalinisation water harvesting

P A White
Avon River Springs catchment, Christchurch City, New Zealand

K M Ivkovic, R A Letcher & B F W Croke
Use of a simple surface–groundwater interaction model to inform water management

R I Acworth & W A Timms

Evidence for connected water processes through smectite-dominated clays at Breeza, New South Wales