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Issue 1
K G McQueen, O R Gonzalez, I C Roach, B J Pillans, W J Dunlap & M L Smith
Landscape and regolith features related to Miocene leucitite lava flows, El Capitan, northeast of Cobar, New South Wales

P M Evins, A Wilde, D R W Foster, S McKnight & T G Blenkinsop
Significance of monazite EMPA ages from the Quamby Conglomerate, Queensland

I M A Vos, W Potma, F P Bierlein & H A Sheldon
Numerical modelling of the western Hodgkinson Province, northeast Queensland: implications for gold mineralisation

J K Mitchell, G R Holdgate & M W Wallace
Pliocene–Pleistocene history of the Gippsland Basin outer shelf and canyon heads, southeast Australia

L Rutherford, M Hand & K Barovich
Timing of Proterozoic metamorphism in the southern Curnamona Province: implications for tectonic models and continental reconstructions

P M Ashley & B P Graham, M K Tighe & B J Wolfenden
Antimony and arsenic dispersion in the Macleay River catchment, New South Wales: a study of the environmental geochemical consequences

B E Cohen, P M Vasconcelos & K M Knesel
40Ar/39Ar constraints on the timing of Oligocene intraplate volcanism in southeast Queensland

R W Young
Reverend W. B. Clarke, 'the Father of Australian Geology', on the origin of valleys