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Issue 1 - THEMATIC ISSUE: Some issues in environmental geology in Australia
G M McNally

N C Stephenson
Geochemistry of granulite-facies granitic rocks from Battye Glacier, northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica

P G Dahlhaus, R J MacEwan, E L Nathan and V J Morand
Salinity on the southeastern Dundas Tableland, Victoria

W T Ward and I P Little
Sea-rafted pumice on the Australian east coast: numerical classification and stratigraphy

S R Barnett, S R Howles, R R Martin and N Z Gerges
Aquifer storage and recharge: innovation in water resources management

M R Densley, R R Hillis and J E P Redfearn
Quantification of uplift in the Carnarvon Basin based on interval velocities

G McNally
Geology and mining practice in relation to shallow subsidence in the Northern Coalfield, New South Wales

B W CHappell, A J R White, I S Williams, D WYborn and L A I Wyborn
Lachlan Fold Belt granites revisited: high- and low- temperature granites and their implications

G H McNally, G Clark and B W Weber
Porcellanite and the urban geology of Darwin, Northern Territory

E C Wiley
Esk Trough - Yarraman Block contact, an unconformity: Its nature and implications for regional tectonics

J Janowski and P Beck
Aquifer heterogeneity: hydrogeological and hydrochemical properties of the Botany Sands aquifer and their impact on contaminant transport

R T Pidgeon and J A Hallberg
Age relationsips in supracrustal sequences of the northern part of the Murchison Terrane, Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: a combined field and sircon U-Pb study

M L O'Flynn
Manufactured sands from hardrock quarries: environmental solution or dilemma for southeat Queensland?

M G Doyle
Clast shape and textural associations in peperite as a guide to hydromagnetic interactions: Upper Permian basaltic and basaltic andesite examples from Kiama, Australia

J H Whitehead and P M Geary
Geotechnical aspects of domestic on-site effluent management systems