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Issue 5 
M K Macphail, M Pemberton & G Jacobson
Peat mounds of southwest Tasmania: possible origins

S Sheppard, I M Tyler, T J Griffin & W R Taylor
Palaeoproterozoic subduction-related and passive margin basalts in the Halls Creek Orogen, northwest Australia

A H M VandenBerg
Timing of orogenic events in the Lachlan Orogen

D J Rawlings
Stratigraphic resolution of a multiphase intracratonic basin system: the McArthur Basin, northern Australia

A Soesoo and I Nicholls
Mafic rocks spatially associated with Devonian felsic intrusions of the southern Lachlan Fold Belt: apossible mantle contribution to crustal evolution processes

P G Betts
Palaeoproterozoic mid-basin inversion in the northern Mt Isa terrane, Queensland

E A Jagodzinski & L P Black
UPb dating of silicic lavas, sills and syneruptive resedimented volcaniclastic deposits of the Lower Devonian Crudine Group, Hill End Trough, NSW

H J Dalstra, J R Ridley, E J M Bloem & D I Groves
Metamorphic evolution of the central Southern Cross Province, Yilgarn Block, Western Australia

G J Retallack & E S Krull
Landscape ecological shift at the Permian Triassic boundary in Antarctica

R R Hillis, J R Enever & S D Reynolds
In situ stress field of eastern Australia

B W Chappel, A J R White, I S Williams, D Wyborn, J M Hergt & J D Woodhead
Evaluation of petrogenetic models for Lachlan Fold Belt granitoids: implications for crustal architecture and tectonic models

W J Collins