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Issue 4 
M A Hayward, P R Blake, P R Messenger and T A Taube
Significance of Middle Devonian granitoid-bearing conglomerates in the Mt Morgan region, central Queensland

P T Harris, P E O'Brien, P Quilty, A McMinn, D Holdway, N F Exon, P J Hill & C W Wilson
Sedimentation and continental-slope processes in the vicinity of an ocean waste-dump site, southeastern Tasmania

M T D Wingate
Ion microprobe baddeleyite and zircon ages for late Archaean mafic dykes of the Pilbara Craton, Western Australia

B Hathway, A M Duame, D J Cantrill & S P Kelley
40Ar/39Ar geochronology and palynology of the Cerro Negro Formatin, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica: a new radiometric tie for Cretaceous terrestrial biostratigraphy in the southern hemisphere

L J Hamilton
Classification, grainsize relations and sediment distributions inferred from visual sediment descriptions on RAN Hydrographic Office bathymetry charts of the northern Great Barrier Reef lagoon

A R Orpin, D W Haig & K J Woolfe
Sedimentary and foraminiferal facies in Exmouth Gulf, north Western Australia

C D Ollier and J P Terry
Volcanic geomorphology of northern Viti Levu, Fiji

R A L Wray
Opal and chalcedony speleothems on quartz sandstones in the Sydney region, southeastern Australia

R P Bourman & N F Alley
Permian glaciated bedrock surfaces and associated sediments on Kangaroo Island, South Australia: implications for Gondwanan ice-mass dynamics

G J O'Halloran & P Rey
Isostatic constraints on the central Victorian lower crust: implications for the tectonic evolution of the Lachlan Fold Belt

P G Betts, G S Lister & K S Pound
Architecture of a Mesoproterozoic rift system: evidence from the Fiery Creek Dome region, Mt Isa terrane

R A Glen & J L Walshe
Cross structures in the Lachlan Orogen: the Lachlan Transverse Zone example

J F Kirby & W E Featherstone
Terrain correcting the Australian gravity database using the national digital elevation model and the fast Fourier transform

A H M VandenBerg
Llandovery-Ludlow graptolites from central Victoria: new correlation perspectives of the major formations

A C Sandford and R B Rickards

H Veeh, D T Heggie & A J Crispe
Biogeochemistry of southern Australian continental slope sediments