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Issue 3 

J R Bishop & D W Emerson
Geophysical properties of zinc-bearing deposits

A I S Kemp & C M Gray
Geological context of crustal anatexis and granitic magmatism in the northeastern Glenelg River Complex, western Victoria

K Grey & D H Blake
Neoproterozoic (Cryogenian) stromatolites from the Wolfe Basin, east Kimberley, Western Australia: correlation with the Centralian Superbasin

Y Qiu, N J McNaughton, D I Groves & J M Dunphy
First record of 1 2 Ga mafic granitic magmatism in the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, and its significance

E Paul, T Flöttmann & M Sandiford
Structural geometry and controls on basement-involved deformation in the northern Flinders Ranges, Adelaide Fold Belt, South Australia

S E Johnson
Deformation and possible origins of the Cooma Complex, southeastern Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales

I Cartwright, I S Buick, D D Lambert & D A Foster
Alice Springs age shear zones from the Reynolds Range, central Australia: implications for regional tectonics

A Heap, P Larcombe & K J Woolfe
Storm-dominated sedimentation in a protected basin fringed by coral reefs, Nara Inlet, Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

B A Gaull & P Kelsey
Historical felt intensities as a guide to earthquake hazard

S Bodorkos, N H S Oliver & P A Cawood
Thermal evolution of the central Halls Creek Orogen, northern Australia

J Foden, M Sandiford, J S Dougherty-Page & I Williams
Geochemistry and geochronology of the Rathjen Gneiss: implications for the early tectonic evolution of the Delamerian Orogen

N H S Oliver, P J Pearson, R J Holcombe and A Ord
Mary Kathleen metamorphic hydrothermal uranium rare-earth element deposit; ore genesis and numerical model of coupled deformation and fluid flow

H Paulick & J McPhie
Facies architecture of the felsic lava-dominated host sequence to the Thalanga massive sulfide deposit, Lower Ordovician, northern Queensland


P A Rogers
Lithostratigraphic revision and correlation of the Oligo-Miocene Murray Supergroup, western Murray Basin, South Australia


J Lukasik & N James