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Issue 2 
G S Lister, M G O'Dea & I Somaia
A tale of two synclines: rifting, inversion and transpressional popouts at Lake Julius, northwestern Mt Isa terrane, Queensland

P A van der Beek, J Braun & K Lambeck
Post-Palaeozoic uplift history of southeastern Australia revisited: results from a process-based model of landscape evolution

D A Henry
Cuspidine-bearing skarn from Chesney Vale, Victoria

M J Spry, D L Gibson & R A Eggleton
Tertiary evolution of the coastal lowlands and the Clyde River palaeovalley in southeast New South Wales

Q Li, P J Davies & B McGowran
Foraminiferal sequence biostratigraphy of theOligo-Miocene Janjukian strata from Torquay, southeastern Australia

B P Kohn, A J W Gleadow & S J D Cox
Denudation history of the Snowy Mountains: constraints from apatite fission track thermochronology

P C Augustinus & S Nichol
Ground-penetrating radar imaging of Pleistocene sediments, Boco Plain, western Tasmania

P B O Sullivan, M Orr, A J O Sullivan & A J W Gleadow
Episodic Late Palaeozoic to Recent denudation of the Eastern Highlands of Australia: evidence from the Bogong High Plains, Victoria

B Krapez & N J McNaughton
SHRIMP zircon U Pb age and tectonic significance of the Palaeoproterozoic Boolaloo Granitoid in the Capricorn Orogen of Western Australia

S M Hill
Mesozoic regolith and palaeolandscape features in southeastern Australia: significance for interpretations of denudation and highland evolution

S D Pell, A R Chivas & I S Williams
Great Victoria Desert: development and sand provenance

F P Bierlein, D A Foster, S McKnight & D C Arne
Timing of gold mineralisation in the Ballarat Goldfield, central Victoria: constraints from 40Ar/39Ar results