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Issue 1
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Issue 1 
A Soesoo, P D Bons and M A Elburg
Freestone dykes - an alkali-rich Jurassic dyke population in eastern Victoria

B Krapez
Stratigraphic record of an Atlantic-type global tectonic cycle in the Palaeoproterozoic Ashburton Province of Western Australia

G J Retallack
Permafrost palaeoclimate of Permian palaeosols in the Gerringong volcanic facies of New South Wales

R G Zucchetto, R A Henderson, B K Davis and R Wysoczanski
Age constraints on deformation of the eastern Hodgkinson Province, north Queensland: new perspectives on the evolution of the northern Tasman Orogenic Zone

G H Packham
Radiometric evidence for Middle Devonian inversion of the Hill End Trough, northeast Lachlan Fold Belt

L Bagas
Early tectonic history of the Marymia Inlier and correlatin with the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

R A Glen and J J Watkins
Implications of Middle Devonian deformation of the eastern part of the Hill End Trough, Lachlan Orogen, New South Wales

J F Lindsay
Heavitree Quartzite, a Neoproterozoic (ca 800-760 Ma), high-energy, tidally influenced, ramp association, Armadeus Basin, Central Australia

B A Wakelin-King
Banded mosaic ('tiger bush') and sheetflow plains: a regional mapping approach

P Larcombe and K J Woolfe
Terrigenous sediments as influences upon Holocene nearshore coral reefs, central Great Barrier Reef, Australia

B J Cock, M A J Williams and D A Adamson
Pleistocene Lake Brachina: a preliminary stratigraphy and chronology of lacustrine sediments from the central Flinders Ranges, South Australia