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Issue 1
R. P. Foster
Gold in the year 2000: A global overview

S. L. Dörling , M. C. Dentith , D. I. Groves , P. E. Playford , J. R. Vearncombe , P. Muhling & D. Windrim
Heterogeneous brittle deformation in the Devonian carbonate rocks of the Pillara Range, Canning Basin: Implications for the structural evolution of the Lennard Shelf

L. V. Bastian

Residual soil mineralogy and dune subdivision, Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia

T. Flöttmann & C. D. Cockshell
Palaeozoic basins of southern South Australia: New insights into their structural history from regional seismic data

S. C. Tye , C. R. Fielding & B. G. Jones
Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Permian Talaterang and Shoalhaven Groups in the southernmost Sydney Basin, New South Wales

N. F. Alley , G. W. Krieg & R. A. Callen
Early Tertiary Eyre Formation, lower Nelly Creek, southern Lake Eyre Basin, Australia: Palynological dating of macrofloras and silcrete, and palaeoclimatic interpretations

A. E. Webster
Delamerian refolding of the Palaeoproterozoic Broken Hill Block

K. J. Woolfe , P. J. Crosdale & R. Slater
Mire death in the Bowen to Scott‐Denison interval, Collinsville Coal Measures, Queensland

P. R. Messenger & S. D. Golding
Relationships between Devonian volcanic and plutonic units in the Mt Morgan Area, central Queensland

D. R. Gray & L. Mortimer
Implications of overprinting deformations and fold interference patterns in the Melbourne Zone, Lachlan Fold Belt