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Issue 1 - Thematic Issue: Geoscience 1994 and beyond: Thoughts on geology and exploration for world-class ore deposits
Peter J. Legge
Presidential address delivered in Perth on 26 September 1994

J. C. Aitchison& T. R. Ireland
Age profile of ophiolitic rocks across the Late Palaeozoic New England Orogen, New South Wales: Implications for tectonic models

J. A. Jones, P. F. Carr, C. L. Fergusson & I. McDougall
Silurian volcanism in the Wollondilly Basin, eastern Lachlan Fold Belt, New South Wales

T. Flöttmann, P. James, R. Menpes, P. Cesare, M. Twining, M. Fairclough, J. Randabel & S. Marshal
The structure of Kangaroo Island, South Australia: Strain and kinematic partitioning during Delamerian basin and platform reactivation

C. V. Murray‐Wallace & A. Goede
Aminostratigraphy and electron spin resonance dating of Quaternary coastal neotectonism in Tasmania and the Bass Strait islands

J. V. Smith & E. C. Houston
Structure of lava flows of the Nimbin Rhyolite, northeast New South Wales

P. W. Baillie & J. B. Jago
Sedimentology of an upper Cambrian turbidite succession, Smithton Basin, northwest Tasmania

M. F. Middleton, S. A. Wilde, B. J. Evans, A. Long, M. Dentith & M. Morawa
Implications of a geoscientific traverse over the Darling Fault Zone, Western Australia

C. M. Gray & J. A. Webb
Provenance of Palaeozoic turbidites in the Lachlan Orogenic Belt: Strontium isotopic evidence