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Issue 5

R. Merle, F. Jourdan and J. Girardeau
Geochronology of the Tore-Madeira Rise seamounts and surrounding areas: a review

L. Schmidt

A biological origin for gravel mounds in inland Australia

A. Brotodewo, C. J. Tiddy, A. Reid, C. Wade and C. Conor
Relationships between magmatism and deformation in northern Yorke Peninsula and southeastern Proterozoic Australia

A. R. Cherry, V. S. Kamenetsky, J. McPhie, J. M. Thompson, K. Ehrig, S. Meffre, M. B. Kamenetsky, and S. Krneta
Tectonothermal events in the Olympic IOCG Province constrained by apatite and REE-phosphate geochronology

D. Kulikowski and K. Amrouch
4D modelling of fault reactivation using complete paleostress tensors from the Cooper–Eromanga Basin, Australia

M. A. Hatch, M. J. Kennedy, M. Hamilton and R. A. Vincent
Methane variability associated with natural and anthropogenic sources in an Australian context

L. Xu, L. Liu, Z. Jiang, Y. Song, L. Chen and Y. Wang
Methane adsorption in the low–middle matured Neoproterozoic Xiamaling marine shale in Zhangjiakou, Hebei

H. X. Wang, X. F. Fu, S. R. Liu, R. Chu, B. Liu and P. P. Shi
Quantitative discrimination of normal fault segment growth and its geological significance: example from the Tanan Depression, Tamtsag Basin, Mongolia

Q. Yuan and M. Zhang
Diversities in biomarker compositions of Carboniferous–Permian humic coals in the Ordos Basin, China

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