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AJES virtual issue 40th Sydney Basin Symposium

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A. S. Andrew, North Ryde, NSW
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G. L. Fraser, Geoscience Australia, ACT
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L. J. Hutton, Geological Survey of Queensland, Qld

Associate Editors
G. Caprarelli, University of South Australia, SA
D. I. Cendón, ANSTO, NSW
N. G. Direen, Exxon Mobil, Texas, USA
K. Liu, RIPED, Petrochina, China
A. E. Webster, University of Queensland, Qld

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A. P. Belperio, Minotaur Exploration, SA
B. K. Davis, Orefind, WA
C. L. Fergusson, University of Wollongong, NSW
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A. I. S. Kemp, University of Western Australia, WA
M. Norman, Australian National University, ACT