Member Access to AJES Online 

Financial GSA Members can access AJES through signing into the GSA website for authentication and accessing a link in their 'my member home' area. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Click ‘Sign In’ at the top of the GSA homepage (
  2. Enter your username and password. Your username will be your email address recorded with the GSA
  3. Click on your name at the top of the homepage to access your 'my member home' area
  4. In your 'my member home' area, click on the ‘My Journals’ tab
  5. Click on the link to access journal articles published on the Taylor & Francis website.

Once you’re on the Taylor & Francis website, you should see a green tick symbol at the bottom of each journal article listed in the menu. This indicates that you have been authenticated to view the article in full.

When you click on the title of an article, you will be able to read the article in your web browser or download it as a PDF.


Common comments and questions

I have a new/different email address that I want to use for my username but the website does not recognise it
Please email [email protected] and GSA staff will change your username to your preferred email address

I don’t know my password / how do I reset my password?
Click ‘Forgot password’ underneath the sign in button on the Sign In page. Enter the Username for your user account, then click Submit. We will email you a link to a page where you can easily create a new password. You should only need to click this link once to create a new password. 

If you enter an incorrect password more than three times in a row, your account will be locked. To unlock your password, please email  [email protected] for assistance. 

Why don’t I see any links in the ‘My Journals’ tab in the 'my member home' area?
If you haven’t renewed your membership yet for this year the link for AJES won’t be available. You can renew your membership online but clicking on ‘Renew Now’ in your 'my member home' area.

If you have renewed your membership for this year and still can’t see a link for AJES in ‘My Journals’, please email [email protected] for assistance.

I’ve gone straight to the Taylor & Francis website but I can’t sign in / don’t have access
GSA Members must sign into the GSA website for authentication and then access a link in their 'my member home' area to gain access to journal articles

I have followed your instructions but don’t have full access to the journal articles on the Taylor & Francis website
If you cannot see a green tick symbol at the bottom of a journal article you won’t have access. Please try one of the following:
Sign out of the GSA website and clear your browsing data, cookies and cache
Click refresh while at the Taylor & Francis website
Try a different internet browser (Access should work with Chrome and Edge, but there has been issues reported with Firefox)

If you still cannot gain access after trying these recommendations please email [email protected] for assistance.