Coal Geology Group (CGG)

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Snapshots for the Coal Geology Group at the IGC

Theme 5. Geoscience Information
Theme 6. Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World
Theme 10. Coal - a Myriad of Resources
Theme 12. Unconventional Hydrocarbons – Emerging Fuels
Theme 13. Sedimentation and Sedimentary Processes
Theme 14. Basin Formation and Continental Margin Processes
Theme 23. Evolution of the Biosphere
Theme 31. Engineering Geology and Geomechanics
Theme 36. Regional, Thematic and Specialist Symposia


Chair: Prof Joan Esterle

Vice-Chair QLD: William Hayes

Vice-Chair NSW: Vacant 

Honorary Secretary: Susan Faulkner

Honorary Treasurer: Angus McIntyre

Honorary Editor: James Beeston 

BBGG Representative: David Green

NSW CGC Representative: Mark Dawson