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Talks & Events
Monthly Meeting

Date: First Wednesday of each month (except December and January)
Location: The London Room, in the George Hotel, 216 St George's Terrace, Perth
Time: Drinks start 5.30pm, talks start at 6.00pm

Upcoming Events

1 December 2023 - GESSS WA
Details: The symposium is organised for Honours, Masters, and PhD students in geosciences. Participation in GESSS-WA 2023 gives you an opportunity to the results of your hard work in front of a friendly like-minded audience. This conference is a great chance to train your presentation skills. It is also a great platform for networking with your peers, industry, and research partners.
Location: Curtin University
Website: Click here

4 December 2023 - GSA WA - Careers Night: 2023 End of Year Meeting
Details: Join us for our big end-of-year, start-of-career celebration!Are you a new graduate looking to work in earthsciences? Or an industry, academia or government professional looking to recruit? All are welcome to come mingle, ask our panel a few questions, and wind up 2023 with us at The Shoe bar, Yagan Square on the 4th December. Huge thanks to our sponsors: Galt Mining Solutions and Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) for making this night possible!
Location: The Shoe bar, 367-420 Wellington St, Yagan Square
Time: 5pm-7pm

Previous Division Meetings and Event

2 August 2023 - GSA WA Division Meeting
Speaker: Ellie Sansom (Curtin University)
Topic: Just look up: a multidisciplinary approach for planetary defence

5 July 2023 - GSA WA Division Meeting
Speaker: Axel Schmitt (Curtin University)
Topic: Zircon age spectroscopy, or how the duration of zircon crystallization can constrain pluton growth and hydrothermal longevity

7 June 2023 - GSA WA Division Meeting and Awards Night

Speaker: John Grigson (UWA)
Topic: Regional- to deposit- scale structural controls on lithium pegmatites in the northern Pilbara Craton
Location: The George Hotel, 216 George Tce, Perth
Time: 6.00p


Chair: Kailah Thorn (Western Australian Museum)
E: [email protected]

Vice Chair: Vickie Cousins (Curtin University)
E: [email protected]

Secretary: Sandra Villacorta Chambi (CSIRO Mineral Resources)
E: [email protected]

Treasurer: Erin Martin (IGO Ltd)
E: [email protected]

General Committee Members:
Paul Duuring (GSWA)
Svetlana Tessalina (Curtin)
Mario Zelic (Rio Tinto)
Victoria Cousins (student rep UWA)
Raiza Mendez-Quintero (student rep Curtin)

Convenor (Awards Subcommittee):
Pete Kinny 
(Curtin University)
E: [email protected]

Convenor (Geoeducation Subcommittee):

Coordinator Student Bursaries
Julian Chard

Convenor (Geoheritage Subcommittee):
Margaret Brocx

Convenor (Stratigraphic Nomenclature Subcommittee):
Peter Haines (Geological Survey of WA)

Outreach and Education Champion
Martin Nguyen (Rio Tinto)

WA Division Diversity & Inclusion Champion
Eva Sirantoine

WA Division Instagram Champion
Raiza Quintero-Mendez

WA Division Instagram Coordinator
Morgan Cox

WA Division Facebook Champion
Cat Gill (UWA)

WA Division LinkedIn Champion
Mario Zelic

List of prospective sponsors for GSA-WA membership applications
Matthew Crowe
E: [email protected]

Roger McNaughton
E: [email protected]

Charles Butt
E: [email protected]

Ignacio Gonzalez-Alvarez
E: [email protected]

Bruce Hobbs
E: [email protected]

Sandra Occhipinti 
E: [email protected]

Erick Ramanaidou
E: [email protected]

Curtin University
Milo Rory Barham
E: [email protected]

Edith Cowan University
Ross Dowling
E: [email protected]

Earth Science WA
Joanne Watkins
E: [email protected]

Stuart Robinson
E: [email protected]

Geological Survey of Western Australia
Heidi Allen
E: [email protected]

Trevor Beardsmore
E: [email protected]

Peter Haines
E: [email protected]

Simon Johnson
E: [email protected]

Michael Wingate
E: [email protected]

Walter Witt
E: [email protected]

Rio Tinto
Bryan Bowden
E: [email protected]

University of Western Australia
Alison Ord
E: [email protected]