WA Division Student Bursaries

Western Australian Division Student Travel/Study/Work Bursaries
The Geological Society of Australia - Western Australian Division recognises that early-career geoscientists make important contributions to the Earth Sciences. The Society sets aside a maximum of $3000 per year as bursaries to students (undergraduate, Honours, MSc, PhD), as individuals or as groups, to assist with costs such as conference registration, workshops, travel and research projects. Individual bursaries will not normally exceed $1000, but larger requests will be considered if  a particular need is demonstrated, and the larger bursary does not deprive other worthy bursary applicants.  For more information, please see the documents below:

WA Division Application Form for Student Travel Study Work Bursaries

WA Division Conditions for Student Travel Study Work Bursaries

WA Division Student Bursary Flyer

Bursary Reports
Please click below to read bursary reports from previous bursary recipients 
Vitor Barrote received $1,000 for conference expenses to attend the Society for Geology Applied to mineral Deposits (SGA) and present on “4D history of the Nimbus VHMS ore deposit in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia”.
Vitor Barrote 2019 Bursary Report
(Microsoft Word Document)
Vitor Barrote received $1,000 for conference expenses to attend Goldschmidt 2018 and present a talk on “Rhenium-Osmium isotopes for black shales and nodular pyrites associated to massive sulphides in the Nimbus VHMS System, Western Australia”.
Vitor Barrote 2018 Bursary Report
(Microsoft Word Document)

Yalimay Jimenez de Duarte received $1,000 for travel expenses to participate in a leadership program for women in science called “Homeward Bound” and present her research on “Shark bay microbial mat community responses to oil contamination: a lab-controlled time series experiment”.

Erin Martin received $500 for conference expenses to attend the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Presented a talk on “The origin of the Cuyania (Argentine Precordillera) terrane through Hf isotopes of zircon ” and a science outreach poster on Women in Science and how social media can be used to access role models.
Erin Martin 2018 Bursary Report
(Microsoft Word Document)
Liam Olden received $1,000 for research expenses “Extent and Significance of Gondwanan stromatolites following the Permian-Triassic mass extinction”.