9-12 February 2021 - Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2021: Core to Cosmos - Virtual Conference

Details: The convention will showcase current trends and advances in earth science, including the latest findings on the deep structure and composition of our planet, our diverse crust and surface environments, developments in the energy and resources sectors and critically, the essential role that geoscience plays in our sustainable future. Themes for the convention include:
Theme 1: Energy and resources
Theme 2: Earth structure
Theme 3: Core to crust
Theme 4: Crust, surface and cosmos
Theme 5: Geoscience in society, education and environment
Theme 6: Earth observations and models

Website: Click here
Abstract submissions: Click here

Message from GSA President Joanna Parr:

I expect that, like me, you have been looking forward to our next Australian Earth Science Conference (AESC) in Feb 2021. Perhaps, like me, you were hoping that travel restrictions would have eased enough for us to travel to Hobart to enjoy a week meeting friends and colleagues at the Core-to-Cosmos AESC 2021.

The organising committee have been working hard to deliver the best possible conference for the Earth Science community, but it has become increasingly obvious, given the very real chance of travel restrictions, the viability of a face to face meeting in Hobart is in jeopardy. So, having considered all the potential scenarios, including postponing to 2022, the committee have decided that the AESC 2021 will be a virtual conference that will run 9-12 February in 2021. They are currently testing software platforms, looking at innovative ways of running difference facets of the meeting and working on providing the best possible interactive conference for all the registrants.

It’s obviously very disappointing that we will not all gather in Hobart in February, but I am confident that the Organising Committee will deliver a benchmark virtual experience with a Tasmanian flavour. More information will come out soon.

Best wishes

Jo Parr

President, Geological Society of Australia


May 2020 - SA Division Online Presentation (Available Now)

The GSA SA Division has generously shared recordings from their online meeting in May featuring GSA members Teagan Romyn and Dillon Brown (both University of Adelaide). 

 Click here to watch both presentations.

 Teagan presented ‘Felsic metastability during continental subduction: The Norwegian Western Gneiss Complex as a case study’.

 Teagan is an Honours (Geology) student at the University of Adelaide working with the Continental Evolution Research Group (CERG). Her Honours project examined the metastability of felsic rocks within UHP metamorphic terranes - with her field area located in the Western Gneiss Complex, Norway. Her specific areas of interest include igneous and metamorphic geology, geochemistry, and geoscience communication.

 Dillon presented ‘Evidence for Mesoproterozoic- & Cambrian-aged metamorphism from the high-grade rocks of central Tasmania: insights into the metamorphic history of western Laurentia and East Gondwana’.

 Dillon is a PhD candidate within the Continental Evolution Research Group (CERG) of The Centre for Tectonics, Resources and Exploration (TRaX). His research focuses on understanding the development of metamorphic systems - particularly those in the lower crust - through the implementation of an array of techniques within the themes of metamorphic petrology, thermobarometric modelling, geochronology and geochemistry.

 Thanks to both Teagan and Dillon for presenting and to the SA Division for sharing their presentations. 



As you know, the rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to the WHO declaring this a global pandemic.

The GSA Business Office is now temporarily closed with our staff working remotely. We will update all members when the office reopens. Please do not contact the office by phone as there will be nobody to take your call. If you have any enquiries, please email

Not unexpectedly, some events, meetings, talks, workshops and conferences have been cancelled, however we will be sending online geoscience content and aiming to keep you informed. Tune into our Facebook and Twitter accounts for additional content!

We will frequently monitor and assess the situation and change our policy as appropriate. We will keep members updated.

Thank you for your understanding at this difficult time and I sincerely hope you remain safe and well.

Best wishes

Joanna Parr
GSA President

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