Governing  Council

Governing Councillors

The Governing Council comprises of nine Councillors. Five General Councillors are elected by the membership and four Division Councillors are chosen by the Division (according to the Division rotational model).
Council elections are held every two years and coincide with the GSA's biennial convention.

President: Dr Pete Betts
E: [email protected]

Secretary: Dr Nathan Daczko
E: [email protected]

Treasurer: Dr Verity Normington
E: [email protected]

General Councillors

Dr Amber Jarrett
Prof John Foden

Division Councillors

Mr Nick Dyriw, Queensland Division
Dr Diana Zivak, South Australia Division 

Dr Verity Normington, ACT Division
Prof David Cantrill, Victoria Division

Statement from the GSA Executive Committee
Sue Fletcher, our long time CEO of the Geological Society of Australia (GSAust), has recently resigned from her position so that she can pursue other business interests.  

She has been an integral part of running our society for nearly two decades so her departure is a significant loss to the GSAust and we sincerely appreciate her years of dedication to our Society.

Her resignation demonstrates the vulnerability of our organisation which has been so reliant on her for such a long time. Her departure raises a number of issues regarding how the GSAust should be operated and whether the society is best set up to meet its corporate compliance obligations into the future.

The Governing Council has committed to finding a structure that is in the best interest of the society and its members, that ensures our sustainability and stability, minimises future risk, and that allows us to meet current and anticipated regulatory requirements.

Sue has generously committed to staying on in a consulting capacity to help guide the society and is actively working with the Governing Council, and Executive to help steer the GSAust into its next chapter.

We have formed a Change Management Committee to advise the Governing Council on the most appropriate operation and compliance models to take the GSA forward. A significant goal is to ensure that any change is for the benefit of the Society and its members and gives us the best chance of promoting our science in an ever-changing world.