Mesas between Winton and Boulia, Queensland - image courtesy Tim Holland



Recognising that geotourism, in addition to its role in promoting tourism to geosites, raises public awareness and appreciation of geodiversity, the Geotourism Committee shall provide advice to the Standing Committee for Geological Heritage of the Geological Society of Australia (GSA) about advancing and promoting geotourism development in Australia.

In undertaking this role, the Geotourism Committee shall take account of the requirement that geotourism should foster geoheritage conservation through appropriate sustainability measures and that geotourism activities should advance sound understanding of geoheritage including landforms, geology and associated processes through quality interpretation. The Committee shall also take account of indigenous cultural values in the interpretation of geosites subject of geotourism activity.

The Geotourism Committee shall also provide advice to the Standing Committee about how best geotourism can be nurtured within declared National Landscape, World Heritage and National Heritage areas as well as within National Parks and reserves.

In undertaking its mission, the Committee shall review and recommend strategies that offer the potential for active participation of GSA members in geotourism and related interpretation activities.”

Note: It is recognised that some members of the Geotourism Committee are able to provide advice about ‘geopark’ development in Australia. However given that the Committee includes within its membership a number of government officials, and recognising that a 2009 resolution of Australian Government Ministers for the Environment has determined that existing mechanisms are considered sufficient to protect geoheritage in Australia, the issue of the future of geoparks has not been formally included within the Committee’s charter.

To advise the Geological Society of Australia of how best geotourism can be advanced and nurtured having regard to the Society’s interests in promoting the understanding and conservation of the geoheritage of Australia.