GSA Geoscience Emails

Shared presentations

In response to COVID-19 impacting on our regular talks and meetings, the GSA has been sending members twice-weekly Geoscience emails containing links to digital presentations.

These presentations are created by various governments, universities, companies, associations and individuals. They feature GSA members sharing their research or work in either video, PowerPoint and podcast format.

Michael Anenburg: REE in Nolan's Bore style mineralisation

Milo Barham: How south coast beach sand tells the story of Australia's link to Antarctic rocks

Steve Barnes: Scale in mineral systems and the Nova deposit, WA

Vitor Barrote: 4D evolution of replacement-type VHMS ore systems in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia

Marissa Betts: Small Shelly Fossils

Teagan Blaikie: Interpreting the subsurface architecture of maar volcanoes using geologically constrained 3D gravity inversions. Examples from the Newer Volcanics Province, Western Victoria

Marita Bradshaw: What are the themes in the future of Australian Geoscience?

Dillon Brown - Evidence for Mesoproterozoic- & Cambrian-aged metamorphism from the high-grade rocks of central Tasmania: insights into the metamorphic history of western Laurentia and East Gondwana

Aaron Camens: Aaron discusses the marsupial lion Thylacoleo carnifex

Rebecca Carey: Feature Interview with Dr Rebecca Carey

Tim Chapman: Meteorites, volcanoes and Armageddon with Dr Tim Chapman

Alan Collins: Probing into the Proterozoic—using full-tectonic models of the world to illuminate the Earth in deep time

Stephen Cox: Gold bearing Fluids Prof with Stephen Cox (Part 1, Part 2)

Dorothy Close: Northern Territory: Over The Fence

Nathan Daczko: 1. Crust-mantle interaction: reactive melt ascent through the lower arc crust and 2. Detrimental effects of coupled dissolution-precipitation on geochronology

Paul Duuring: Mapping Ore Deposits - The Basic Geological Methods

Chris Elders: Lessons for Mining From Oil and Gas

Diego Garcia-Bellido: Animal Dawn

Stephen Gallagher: From Monsoons to Desert: 50 Million Years of Australian Climate History

Gary Gibson: The volcanoes beneath your feet

David Giles: How innovative partnerships will grow Minerals and Mining in South Australia

Andy Gleadow: Murchison, the Moon & Me

Vic Gostin: Acraman asteroid impact at the dawn of animal life

Paul Gow: Undercover Western Warramunga Province: The Rover Field revealed

Jacqueline Halpin: Geologists explain why Tasmania is different

Ashleigh Hood: Ancient reefs reveal early history of life on Earth

Derek Hoy: Structural interpretation of the North Cloncurry geophysical survey

Sarah Jones: Unravelling the D1 event: Evidence for early granite-up, greenstone-down tectonics in the Eastern

Shimona Kealy: The earliest sea voyages to Australia: Maps, models, and anecdotes from the field

Sandra McLaren: Victorian Regional Geology

Ellen Moon: Environmental engineering in the 21st century: Why we *should* sweat the small stuff

Indrani Mukherjee: The Evolution of Life on Earth: Rethinking the 'Boring Billion’

Dietmar Müller: Understanding the contribution of mantle convection to surface topography

Karin Orth: Volcano expert Karin Orth explains the volcano near Long Beach in Sandy Bay

John Paterson: Craft beers, trilobites and Lagerstätten with John Paterson

Adele Pentland: Ferrodraco

Franco Pirajno: Civilisation exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice’: the story of Pompeii

Gilbert Price: What happened to Australia's Ice Age Megafauna?

Mike Rickard: Mike Rickard Biography

Teagan Romyn - Felsic metastability during continental subduction: The Norwegian Western Gneiss Complex as a case study

Rob Rutherford: Innovation and Sweat – Red Metal’s Grass Roots Exploration Activities in NW Queensland

Steve Salisbury: Australia's Jurassic Park

Peter Schaubs: Numerical Simulation of Critical Mineral System Geological Processes

Caroline Tiddy: Mineral systems in eastern Proterozoic Australia

Teresa Ubide: Volcano alert! Towards predicting volcanic eruption

Yulia Uvarova: New technologies for exploration and ore discovery

Rick Valenta: Complex Orebodies Program Update

Martin Van Kranendonk: The search for life on Mars

Kathryn Waltenberg: An Isotopic Atlas of Australia: a window into the geological evolution of the Australian continent

Clive Willman: Geoscience: Beneath the Australian Alps

Clive Willman: Islands of Gold in an Ocean of Land - evolution and the mineral potential of the Macquarie Arc

Clive Willman: The Stavely Arc – uncovering the geological evolution of western Victoria

Ian Withnall: On the trail of the Ice-age Floods: geotouring in the Channelled Scablands of Eastern Washington State, USA