Geoscience Online Lecture and Discussion
GSA GOLD (Geoscience Online Lecture and Discussion) is a series of online monthly technical talks and discussion sessions featuring dynamic speakers from GSA Specialist Groups. Presentations showcase the high-calibre research and work of influential speakers and also provides a platform for participants to connect with others in their field and beyond!

First Tuesday of the Month

 State  Non Daylight
 WA  11.30am WST  10.30am WST
 NT  1.00pm ACST  12.00pm ACST
 SA  1.00pm ACST  1.00pm ACDT
 QLD  1.30pm ACST  12.30pm ACST
 ACT, NSW, TAS, VIC  1.30pm ACST  1.30pm ACDT

Registration for GSA GOLD is free for all GSA members, but non-members can also register for just $10.00. Following your registration, you will be sent a link to attend GSA GOLD on Zoom.

Non-members can also use the GSA GOLD registration fee as part of their joining fee when applying for membership with the Geological Society of Australia. Please email for more information.

6 April 2021 - GSA GOLD 
Speaker: TBA
Topic: TBA

GSA GOLD on YouTube
You can also watch GSA GOLD on YouTube. Stay tune for more recordings to be added below:

Alan Collins presents 'The Flinders Fulcrum – Earth’s Proterozoic Pivot'

Anthony Reid presents 'Magmas, metasomatism and the mantle: a journey through three papers I wish I had read earlier in my career'