Yardie Gorge - image courtesy Milo Barham

Western Australia

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For questions regarding the WA Division please email wittww@iinet.net.au

Talks & Events
Monthly Meeting

Date: First Wednesday of each month (except December and January)
Location: Irish Club of WA (Inc.), 61 Townshend Road, Subiaco, between Hay Street and Churchill Ave
Time: 5.30pm
Info: wittww@iinet.net.au

Upcoming Events
6 March 2018 - Tamala Limestone Fieldtrip - Classic Carbonates and Pleistocene Sea-Levels
Location: Scotch College Boatshed The Esplanade , Peppermint Grove, WA
Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm
Cost: $15 for GSA Members (include guidance by Dr. Milo Barham, field notes, worksheet and a free beverage)

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7 March 2018 - WA Division Monthly Meeting 
Speaker: Prof. Rob Strachan (University of Portsmouth)
Topic: Early Neoproterozoic orogenesis and Rodinia reconstructions in the North Atlantic borderlands – new evidence from the Shetland Islands, Scotland
Location: Irish Club of WA (Inc.), 61 Townshend Road, Subiaco, between Hay Street and Churchill Ave
Time: 5.30pm

Previous Division Meetings
7 February 2018
Speaker: Dr Kirsten Rempel (Curtin University)
Jewels of the Golden Mile: The Hidden Secret Ag-Au-Te deposit and kalgoorlieite, a new arsenic telluride mineral

6 December 2017
Speaker: Ian Tyler (Geological Survey of Western Australia)

Topic: The geological map of the future

1 November 2017
Speaker: Dietmar Müller (The University of Sydney)
Topic: Continental travel, plate-mantle interaction, dynamic topography and Australian landscape evolution since Gondwana breakup

4 October 2017 

Speaker: Dr. Carsten Laukamp (CSIRO)
Topic: Application of remote sensing technologies

6 September 2017
Speaker: Dr. Erick Ramanaidou (CSIRO)
Topic: Burrup Peninsula rock art

2 August 2017
Speaker: Dr. Timmons Erickson (Curtin University, NASA)
Topic: Impacts and dating mineral deformation

5 July 2017
Speaker: Dr. Margaux Le Vaillant (CSIRO)
Topic: Nickel deposit link to P-T mass extinction

3 May 2017
Speaker: Ms Elisabeth Scibiorski, PhD student, University of Western Australia 
Topic: The cooling and exhumation of the Albany-Fraser Orogen, Western Australia 

26 April 2017
Speaker: Professor Malcolm McCulloch

Topic: Reconstruction of the uptake of anthropogenic CO₂ into the oceans, and lessons from the past
Awards: AE Ringwood Medal - Professor Malcolm McCulloch and Gibb Maitland Medal – Dr Ian Tyler

5 April 2017
Topic: Lithium-caesium-tantalum pegmatites, targetting techniques, and recent WA advances
Speaker: Mr David Crook, Managing Director, Pioneer Resources

Western Australian Division Student Travel/Study/Work Bursaries
The Geological Society of Australia - Western Australian Division recognises that early-career geoscientists make important contributions to the Earth Sciences. The Society sets aside a maximum of $5000 per year as bursaries to students (undergraduate, Honours, MSc, PhD), as individuals or as groups, to assist with costs such as conference registration, workshops, travel and research projects. Individual bursaries will not normally exceed $1000, but larger requests will be considered if  a particular need is demonstrated, and the larger bursary does not deprive other worthy bursary applicants.  For more information, please see the documents below:

GSA National Governing Council Elections and Western Australia Division Councillor

If you are considering becoming a Governing Councillor, know someone who may be interested or are keen to know more the following information will be helpful.
Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact the GSA office email businessmanager@gsa.org.au or (phone: 02 9290 2194).

Divisional Councillor Nomination Form
(Microsoft Word Document)


Chair: Ignacio (Nacho) Gonzalez-Alvarez (CSIRO)
E: Ignacio.Gonzalez-Alvarez@csiro.au

Vice Chair: Peter Kinny (Curtin University)
E: p.kinny@curtin.edu.au

Secretary: Walter Witt (Consultant)
E: wittww@iinet.net.au

Treasurer: Stephen Wyche (GSWA) 
E: stephen.wyche@dmp.wa.gov.au

WA State representative on National Governing Council: Roger Bateman
E: roger.bateman10th@gmail.com

General Committee Members:
Paul Duuring (GSWA)
Stephen Barnes (CSIRO)
Trevor Beardsmore (GSWA)

Convenor (Awards Subcommittee):
Charles Butt

Convenor (Geoeducation Subcommittee):
Joanne Watkins (ESWA)

Convenor (Geoheritage Subcommittee):
Margaret Brocx

Convenor (Stratigraphic Nomenclature Subcommittee):
Milo Barham (Curtin University)

List of prospective sponsors for GSA-WA membership applications
Matthew Crowe
E: matt.crowe@bhpbilliton.com

Roger McNaughton
E: roger.w.mcnaughton@bhpbilliton.com

Charles Butt
E: charles.butt@csiro.au

Ignacio Gonzalez-Alvarez
E: ignacio.gonzalez-Alvarez@csiro.au

Bruce Hobbs
E: bruce.hobbs@csiro.au

Erick Ramanaidou
E: erick.ramanaidou@csiro.au

Curtin University
Milo Rory Barham
E: milo.barham@curtin.edu.au

Edith Cowan University
Ross Dowling
E: r.dowling@ecu.edu.au

Earth Science WA
Joanne Watkins
E: joanne.watkins@csiro.au

Stuart Robinson
E: srobinson@fmgl.com.au

Geological Survey of Western Australia
Heidi Allen
E: heidi.allen@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Trevor Beardsmore
E: trevor.beardsmore@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Peter Haines
E: Peter.HAINES@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Simon Johnson
E: simonpaul.johnson@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Michael Wingate
E: michael.wingate@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Walter Witt
E: wittww@iinet.net.au

Rio Tinto
Bryan Bowden
E: bryan.bowden@riotinto.com

University of Western Australia
Sandra Occhipinti
E: sandra.occhipinti@uwa.edu.au

Alison Ord
E: alison.ord@uwa.edu.au