Cradle Mountain, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania


Talks & Events
7 April 2018 – TAS Division Field Trip
Location: Near Maydena
Time: 8:00am – 6:30pm
Details: Field trip will feature the Mt Mueller Mine – copper-bearing sulfides hosted in Neoproterozoic carbonates; Cambrian basaltic pillow lava; basal Parmeener Supergroup diamictite; silica flour originating from Neoproterozoic dolostone; Ordovician carbonate; an early Permian hydrocarbon source rock; fossiliferous Permian marine sediments and Pleistocene stratified screes. Excursion participants are guaranteed to bag brachiopods and bryozoans! The area has great views of some of the surrounding mountain ranges.
Registration: email Phil Sansom at advising of your interest in attending the field trip. A registration form and additional information will be then sent to you. Completed paperwork by participants will need to be received no later than 2 days before the excursion so do not delay emailing your expression of interest.

24 May 2018 – TAS Division Annual General Meeting 
Speaker: Dr Claire Kain (MRT)
Topic: Natural Hazards
Location: Main Lecture Theatre, School of Earth Sciences, University of Tasmania
Time: 6:00pm

Previous Division Meetings
22 March 2018
Speaker: Dr Adam Soule (Chief Scientist of the National Deep Submergence Facility, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)
Topic: Humans, Robots, and the most active volcanic systems on Earth

12 October 2017
Topic: PNG and the minerals potential of the Papuan Peninsula
Speaker: Bob Findlay

24 August 2017
Topic: Geotrourism in Tasmania
Speakers: Ralph Bottrill, Clive Calver, Keith Corbett, Peter Manchester and Andy Spate

12 July 2017
Topic: Using geophysics to empower communities to study and understand the Earth beneath their feet
Speaker: Michelle Salmon, ANU

1 June 2017
Topic: A new view on the initiation of intra-oceanic arcs: adventures in the SW Pacific and Ordovician of the Lachlan Fold Belt
Speaker: Dr. Sebastien Meffre, University of Tasmania

6 March 2017 

Topic: Where can geology take you?
Speaker: Professor Ross Large

8 November 2016
Topic: Pre-Ordovician VanDieland: a Victorian's view of western Tasmania and surrounds
Speaker: David Moore

27 October 2016
Topic: Micro-continents offshore Western Australia: implications for East Gondwana reconstructions
Speaker: Joanne Whittaker


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Mike Vicary

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Clive Calver

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Ralph Bottrill