Bruce Webb Medal

The Bruce Webb Medal is awarded annually to a person distinguished for leadership that has advanced the earth sciences and/or for contributions to the advance of knowledge within the earth sciences in South Australia.

The Bruce Webb Medal commemorates the life and work of Bruce Webb (1926-2000) who committed all of his professional life to studying geology and later managing and leading a wide range of businesses, government agencies and educational institutions involved with geology in South Australia. 

In a career spanning over 50 years, Bruce was an active field geologist heading the State’s geological mapping effort. Later Bruce headed the Newmont and Poseidon exploration effort across Australia. He was elevated to Director General of Mines & Energy in 1972 and in 1988 was Head of the Australian Mineral Foundation. After passing normal retirement age, Bruce continued to serve on the Board of many Government and Educational agencies and at the time of his premature death in 2000, he was Chancellor of the University of Adelaide. Today Bruce remains widely remembered and respected by many in the South Australian geological fraternity who were touched by his integrity and decency, and the Bruce Webb Medal recognises this ongoing respect.

Bruce Webb Medallists
                                     2019 - Barry Cooper                               2018 - Kathy Ehrig                                 2017 - John Foden
                                                     Barry Cooper                             Anthony Reid (L), Wolfgang Preiss (M) and Kathy Ehrig (R)            John Fardon and Anna Petts
                    2016 - Noel Hiern                                2015 - Jim Jago                            2014 - Richard Hillis       
                 Barry Cooper (L) and Noel Hiern (R)                          Jim Jago and Anna Petts      Richard Hillis (R), Anna Petts (M) and Katherine Howard (L)
                 2013 - Bob Dalgarno                                  2012 - Bob Major                                   2011 - Vic Gostin
Bob Dalgarno (L), Kevin Willis (M) and Merylyn Webb (R)           Merylyn Webb and Bob Major                   Andrei Gostin (L) and Len Altman (R)
               2010 - Tony Belperio                                          2009 - Keith Johns                            2008 - Wolfgang Preiss

          Tony Belperio and Caroline Tiddy                                  Keith Johns and Merylyn Webb                      Wolfgang Preiss and Merylyn Webb  
       2007 - John Cann                                   2006 - Maude McBriar                                     2005 - Lee Parkin
    John Cann accepting his medal      (L-R) Maude McBriar, Ian Clark, Derek Carter & Graham Taylor  Lee Parki (R), Merilyn Webb & Graham Taylor (M)