The Rocks and Landscapes series published by the QLD Division.

QLD Division Publications

The GSAQ produces a variety of printed material for sale including books on the geology of much of Queensland through the Rocks & Landscapes series. To read more about the Rocks & Landscapes series, please click here.

To see what books are available, and how to purchase them, please click on the catalogue and order form below:

Queensland Field Geology Guide
The Queensland Field Geology Guide published by Neville Stevens in 1984.  Despite its age, the GSAQ still receive requests for copies of this book. While it is unfortunately out-of-print, it can be download below as a PDF:

Free Pamphlets
The GSAQ also produces an extensive number of free pamphlets called Rocks and Landscape Notes and Rocks and Landscape Notes: Brief Backgrounds. These pamphlets detail the geology of areas not covered in the district books. The division is also involved in the production of free educational pamphlets relating to geology and mining. To access all of the GSAQ's free pamphlets, please click here.

Conference Fieldguides
Over the years the GSAQ has hosted many field trips which came with printed guides.  Many of these guides are now out-of-print, but many have been scanned and can be downloaded for free by clicking here.