Porcupine Gorge - image courtesy Warwick Willmott 


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Talks & Events

Monthly Division Meetings
Date: Fourth Tuesday of each month
Location: Transcontinental Hotel, 482 George St, Brisbane (unless specified elsewhere)

Weekly Informal get-together for Explorers, Miners & other Geoscientists
Date: Every Wednesday evening: GeoPub
Location: O’Malleys Irish Pub – Basement Level of the Wintergarden in the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane
Time: 5.30pm

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Details TBA for 2018

Previous Division Meetings
4 December 2017
Topic: North Queensland – a patchwork of terranes pointing to a diverse history
Speaker: Dr Laurie Hutton, Geological Survey of Queensland

28 November 2017
Speaker: Bob Close
Topic: Exploration for Besshi Type VMS deposits in Turkey

24 October 2017
Topic:  Stratigraphic controls on Late Permian sediments in the eastern Galilee Basin
Speaker: Laura Phillips

26 September 2017
Topic: Palynological records of marine incursions in the Sydney, Bowen and Galilee Basins
Speaker: Alex Wheeler

31 May 2017
Topic: Landscape, geology and Brisbane in its first two decades
Speaker: Dr Tony Webster

26 April 2017
Topic: The Capricorn Copper Project (a.k.a. Mount Gordon)
Speaker: David A-Izzeddin, Capricorn Copper Pty Ltd

September 2016
Topic: Use and abuse of geology in environmental work
Speaker: Ian Wilson

27 July 2016
Topic: Research into Queensland's coal basins
Speaker: Joan Esterle

Other events

4-7 June 2017 - Future understanding of tectonics, ores, resources, environment and sustainability
Location: Townsville
Notes: Hosted by the Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU), James Cook University
For abstract submission, please visit https://www.jcu.edu.au/futores/abstract-submission
For more information, please visit: www.jcu.edu.au/futores
FUTORES II First Circular

11-14 June 2017 - Rodinia 2017: Supercontinent Cycles and Global Geodynamics 
Location: Townsville
16-21 June - Post Conference Fieldtrip: Mount Isa Terrane Transect
Abstracts: Due 30 March - submit to rodinia.2017@curtin.edu.au
Click here for the first circular 
Click here for the conference flier


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