The Rocks and Landscapes series published by the QLD Division.

1975 - Mount Isa Region

Edited by W. G. Whitaker

Geographical notes - I. H. Wilson
Character of the phosphate deposits of the Duchess area, Queensland - P. J. G. Fleming
Notes on the geology of the Duchess Embayment - R. J. George
Queensland Phosphate Limited - R. J. George
Proterozoic geology of the Mount Isa-Cloncurry region - I. H. Wilson
Geochronology of the Cloncurry Complex, North-west Queensland with particular emphasis on the later Carpentarian events - D. C. Green
The geology and mineralization of the Mammoth copper mine - G. P. Moore and C. A. Stoakes
Mary Kathleen uranium deposit - B. W. Hawkins