Past GSAQ medal recipients - image courtesy GSAQ

2009 Neville Stevens Medal Winner

Mr Friedrich von Gnielinski
Friedrich von Gnielinski's Citation

Friedrich von Gnielinski has distinguished himself in both contributions to the geological community and public awareness of Earth Sciences in Queensland. His extensive service as an office bearer on the Executive Committee of the Queensland Division through more than a decade has been partly responsible for keeping the whole committee going.

As long-time Division Treasurer, Membership co-ordinator, and Newsletter Editor, he has made a huge contribution to the local geological community.

Neville Stevens (left) and Friedrich von Gnielinski (right) at the presentation night.
He has also acted frequently as de facto chair in driving the business of the Division when the various chairs, including the present one, have been overwhelmed by other duties. The Queensland Division of GSA would not be the same without Fred, and we might not have the wonderful reputation amongst the national GSA were it not for Fred's efforts. His sustained and long-term dedication to the committee is truly remarkable and worthy of notice.

In addition to Fred's administrative service to the geological community of Queensland, he has also made huge efforts towards public awareness and education. Fred was instrumental in organising the Division's efforts at Science Week over many years, and these efforts have now culminated in the last two years with our Division sharing a booth at the EKKA with AIG. Our representation at the Science Pavilion at the EKKA has been a great triumph for public awareness of geology in Queensland, and I feel certain that it would never have happened without Fred's tireless dedication. Last year more than 45,000 Queensland citizens went through the Science Pavilion and many of them were exposed to geoscience at the booth. The booth attracted students to geology at both the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland. The numbers for this year's (2009) attendance are not available yet, but the attendance was also very strong and the booth was very popular with the public. I am certain that the EKKA representation of GSA and AIG would not have happened without Friedrich von Gnielinski. Fred originally approached the Committee with the idea of doing the booth at the EKKA, and took on so many of the initial organising roles that it actually became feasible to pull it off.  Fred dedicated huge amount of labour into both EKKA campaigns and it used up all of his free time for many weeks both years. Many of the samples available for the public this year were Fred's own. We really could not have done it without Fred.