Past GSAQ medal recipients - image courtesy GSAQ

2007 Neville Stevens Medal Winner

Mrs Lesley Blight
Lesley Blight's Citation

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, and back in 2002 & 2003, when the Queensland Division were trying to get good quality versions of the Rocks & Landscapes Notes onto the webpage, Lesley provided high quality and timely cartographical aid in converting hard copy images into digital copies to be used in PDF versions of the old Notes.

Neville Stevens (left), Lesley Blight (middle) and Gregg Webb (right) at the presentation night.

Although the pamphlets would not have been possible without the various geologists writing up their observations, it is also true that without clear, high-quality diagrams to illustrate the explanations within the text, then the appeal of these notes to the public would be diminished.  Without Lesley providing her services for free, it would have been a longer, more costly experience to get these notes onto the internet.

Also, given the high levels of traffic that the GSA-Qld webpage has experienced at times it is obvious that these pamphlets have proven popular with the public.  Without Lesley’s help, the Queensland Division’s role in educating the public about the geology of our state would be harder, and therefore I wish to nominate her as a candidate for the Neville Steven’s Medal.

Response of thanks by Lesley Blight
Thank you very much for this award – it was totally unexpected and greatly appreciated.

But it is an honour to be recognised for my contribution to the GSA’s publications over the last 25 years.

I’ve worked with many of the Mines Dept’s geologists in preparing maps, technical diagrams and graphics. Although it’s been a challenge at times, I have enjoyed the interaction with the various authors in translating their rough sketches into hopefully meaningful illustrations.

I note that this medal is for my work on the ‘Rocks and Landscape’ series and I would also like to acknowledge the contribution that my work colleague Tom Moore put into the graphics in the last two books.  He retired from the Dept last year and now I am looking forward to moving on to a change of lifestyle myself at the end of this year.

However, I will stay in touch and will be available to assist the GSA in future if needed.

Once again, thank you very much!