Past GSAQ medal recipients - image courtesy GSAQ

2016 John Campbell Miles Medal Winner

Dr Simon Beams
Simon Beams' Citation

Simon Beams has been an integral part of the economic geology and mineral exploration communities in northern Queensland for more than 30 years. Through his unswerving dedication to the practice of geology with scientific integrity, and to the growth and development of the Queensland resources industry, he has been a major and positive role model for colleagues and associates.

Simon’s dedication to the advancement of economic geology can be seen in his staunch commitment to Terra Search — the quality of its work and the development of its staff — over nearly three decades and often through very challenging times. He also contributes time, effort, and much thought to his role on the Advisory Board to the JCU Economic Geology Research Centre.

Simon Beams (middle) with Tony Webster (left – GSAQ Chair) and Rod Carlson (right – AIG Qld Branch Chair).
Simon’s commitment to economic geology in Queensland is also evidenced in the numerous student projects in Queensland that have been sponsored by Terra Search, usually with Simon playing a major supervisory role. His support of students and geoscience education has also been demonstrated through long-term sponsorship of bursaries for tertiary geoscience students.

Throughout his long career in Queensland exploration Simon has contributed to the discovery of both new ore deposits and extensions to known mineralisation, including the Reward VHMS deposit in north-east Queensland and the Mount Mackenzie intrusion-related deposit in central Queensland. He has coordinated and led numerous field excursions in northern Queensland and produced field guides that have proven to be valuable records of Queensland geology and mineralisation.

Simon and his colleagues at Terra Search were also pioneers in the extraction and digital compilation of historical exploration geochemical data, beginning with the first project of this type compiling data from the Mount Isa region in the early 1990’s (a multi-client AMIRA project that attracted sponsorship from 15 organisations). This proved to be a model for subsequent data compilations, including Terra Search projects covering much of Queensland, much of it funded by the Queensland Government, and a World Bank project in PNG in 2002.

Simon has also lent his support to many Queensland junior explorers by investing in the explorers at listing. This has assisted many start-up companies meet the ASX admission requirements of minimum shareholders and funds.

Over thirty years Simon Beams has made a major contribution to Queensland economic geology and mineral exploration. Simon’s dedication to geology and exploration has provided records of high quality exploration and geoscience data in many areas of Queensland. In addition, his willingness to develop new approaches and to apply new technology, and his commitment to preserving geoscience and exploration data, have resulted in significant advances in the quality and accessibility of data available to explorers in Queensland.