Mereenie Sandstone at Seymour Range, Northern Territory - image courtesy Verity Normington

Northern Territory

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21 April 2017
Topic: Biogeochemistry of the Velkerri Formation
Speaker: Dr Brian Cox, University of Adelaide

3 April 2017
Topic: The mid-Proterozoic (1.8–0.8 Ga) basin of northern Canada and their link to Australia
Speaker: Associate Professor Galen P. Halverson, Dpt of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University

2 February 2017
Northern Territory Division Annual General Meeting

3 February 2017
Northern Territory Division Annual Dinner 

4 August 2016
Topic: Basin redox and primary productivity within the Mesoproterozoic Roper Seaway NT
Speaker: Grant Cox, Curtin University/University of Adelaide

22 July 2016
Topic: Hornblendite delineates zones of mass transfer through the lower crust
Speaker: Nathan Daczko

17 February 2016
Annual General Meeting and dinner

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Secretary: Verity Normington

Treasurer: Eloise Beyer

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