Mereenie Sandstone at Seymour Range, Northern Territory - image courtesy Verity Normington

Northern Territory

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3 April - NT Division Monthly Meeting
Topic: The mid-Proterozoic (1.8–0.8 Ga) basin of northern Canada and their link to Australia
Speaker: Associate Professor Galen P. Halverson, Dpt of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University
Location: NT Geological Survey office, 3rd Floor, Centrepoint Building, 48-50 Smith St, Darwin. Digitally streamed in Alice Springs as NT Geological Survey office Arid Zone Research Institute, South Stuart Hwy, Alice Springs

Time: 4-5pm
Associate Professor Halverson is T.H. Clark Chair for Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology. His research focuses on integrating sedimentology, stratigraphy, and isotope geochemistry to reconstruct ancient environments within the context of secular and progressive tectonic, biospheric, and climatic evolution of the earth. The underlying theme is to reconstruct paleoenvironmental change spanning from the late Proterozoic to the early Phanerozoic (~ 1200 to 500 ma) and to understand the interconnections between tectonics (i.e., supercontinental break-up and assembly), seawater chemistry and ocean redox, severe climatic fluctuations (including snowball Earth), and the origin and diversification of animals. This research is fundamentally field-based and geared around detailed geological studies of sedimentary basins that formed during this time.

Galen Halverson: Image courtesy Galen Halverson.

Previous Division Meetings

2 February 2017
Northern Territory Division Annual General Meeting

3 February 2017
Northern Territory Division Annual Dinner 

4 August 2016
Topic: Basin redox and primary productivity within the Mesoproterozoic Roper Seaway NT
Speaker: Grant Cox, Curtin University/University of Adelaide

22 July 2016
Topic: Hornblendite delineates zones of mass transfer through the lower crust
Speaker: Nathan Daczko

17 February 2016
Annual General Meeting and dinner

Other talks and events
27-29 March 2017 - Annual Geoscience Exploration Seminar
Location: Alice Springs Convention Centre, Alice Springs
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