Mereenie Sandstone at Seymour Range, Northern Territory - image courtesy Verity Normington

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8 February 2019 - NT Division Annual Dinner
Speaker: Jo Parr
Topic: Exploring the Ocean Floor - the last frontier

5 February 2019 - NT Division Annual General Meeting

7 November 2018 – 2018 Haddon Forrestor King Medal Seminar (Joint GSA NT Division/ASEG/AusIMM)
Speaker: Speaker: David R Cook (CODES, TMVC, UTAS)
Title: Porphyry copper, gold and molybdenum deposits - new geochemical exploration methods to aid discovery

31 October 2018 – NT Division Technical Presentation
Speaker: Neil Fernandes, PhD Candidate, Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Queens University, Ontario
Title: The Proterozoic Vazante - Paracatu district, Brazil: Meta-siliciclastic rocks as potential metal sources of carbonate-hosted Zn-mineralization

14 September 2018 – NT Division Talk
Speakers: David L Huston (speaker), Michael Doublier (Geoscience Australia), Sally Pehrsson (Geological Survey of Canada), Bruce Eglington (University of Saskatchewan), Steve Piercey (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
: Secular variations of tectonometallogenic systems 

24 August 2018  
Speakers: Gary Price (Bowgan Minerals, speaker) and Aaron Brown
Topic: Exploration of the 8 Fingers uranium prospect using biogeochemical methods, Bowgan Uranium Project, Barkly tablelands, Northern Territory

18 May 2018  
Speakers: Nassar Pragt and Pierre-Olivier Bruna (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
Topic: Reconstructing the geological history and predicting fracture network arrangement in the McArthur Basin, NT Australia

2 February 2018
Speaker: Dr Grant Cox (University of Adelaide)
Topic: The Neoproterozoic: from Snowball Earth to Atmospheric Oxygenation

31 January 2018
NT Division Annual General Meeting

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