The Three Sisters at Echo Point, Katoomba - image courtesy Paul Harvey

New South Wales

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Talks & Events

Monthly Division Meetings
Date: Talks are held the 2nd Thursday of the month

Monthly Meetings Presentations on YouTube
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Upcoming Meetings

10 May 2018 - NSW Division Monthly Meeting 
Speaker: Tara Djokic (UNSW)
Topic: Life in Archean hot springs and implications for astrobiology
Location: City of Sydney RSL, 565 George Street, Sydney (meet at the bar on level 3)
Time: 5:30pm

Past Meetings

12 April 2018 - NSW Division Monthly Meeting
Topic: Permian pumice to Miocene magmas: a new geological map of Warrumbungle National Park
Speaker: Dr Kate Bull (Geological Survey of NSW) 

8 March 2018 - NSW Division Monthly Meeting

Topic: Cuu Long Basin Exploration Rejuvenation: A multidisciplinary approach to rejuvenating the play portfolio of a mature basin
Speaker: Dr Pedro Restrepo-Pace (Oil Search)

8 February 2018 - NSW AGM
Speaker: Dr Tim Chapman (University of Sydney)
Topic: Looking up from the base of a magmatic arc: A perspective on Zealandia

9 November 2017 - NSW Division Monthly Meeting

Topic: Student Presentations

12 October 2017 - NSW Division Monthly Meeting

Topic: Regional mapping with the Geological Survey of NSW: projects and directions
Speaker: Phil Gilmore (Geological Survey of NSW)

14 September 2017 New South Wales Division Meeting
Topic: Towards a grand unified theory of the Earth's interior: Marrying geophysics, geodynamics, and geochemistry
Speaker: A/Prof Juan-Carlos Afonso, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Macquarie Uni

5 August 2017 New South Wales Division Meeting
Topic: Eastern Australia's submarine landslides and their tsunamogenic potential
 Dr Samantha Clarke, School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney

13 July 2017 
New South Wales Division Meeting
Topic: River piracy in the Caribbeans: evolution of fault arrays and river networks within the plate triple junction of Guatemala
Speaker: Dr Gilles Brocard 

11 May 2017 - New South Wales Division Meeting
Topic: Hydrothermal activity in the Eastern Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea: A natural laboratory, or the birthplace of a new industry?
Speaker: Dr Chris Yeats, NSW Geological Survey

13 April 2017 - New South Wales Division Meeting and Annual General Meeting

Topic: Unravelling a miner's myth that environmental contamination in mining and smelting towns is naturally occurring
Speaker: Prof Mark Taylor, Macquarie University


Chair: Anthony Lanati,
Macquarie University

Secretary and Newsletter Editor:
Mira van der Ley, 
University of New South Wales

Treasurer: Vacant
(Please contact either Anthony Lanati or Mira van der Ley if you are interested in filling this position) 

Talk Co-ordinator:
Sabin Zahirovic, University of Sydney

General Committee members:
Kelsie Dadd, Curious Minds – Girls in STEM
Elizabeth Dowding
Joanna Parr, CSIRO
Graham Carr, formerly of CSIRO
Patrick Smith, University of New South Wales
Boyd Dent

NOTE: Please contact the committee if you have any ideas regarding speakers/topics for technical talks or require sponsors for membership