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A. H. Voisey Medal
The A.H. Voisey Medal was first established in 1989 in honour of Alan Heywood Voisey, an eminent Australian geologist. A.H. Voisey completed a Bachelor of Science at the university of Sydney before completing a Master of Science and Doctor of Science (1954) at the same institution. Following his education Voisey took up a position at the University of New England as professor where he authored a number of seminal publications on the geology of NSW. Specifically, the contributions "Tectonic evolution of northeastern New South Wales, Australia", "Australian geosynclines" and "The geology of the Carroll-Keepit-Rangari area of New South Wales" were of particular importance to the understanding of NSW Geology and more broadly the tectonic evolution of Australia. In 1966 Voisey was appointed the foundation Professor and Head of the school of Earth Sciences at Macquarie University where he stayed until he retired in 1971. (biographic information sourced from the Encyclopedia of Australian Sciences)

The Voisey Medal will be awarded "For significant contribution to the Earth Sciences in Australia by an early-career Earth scientist from the NSW Division” at the Division AGM.

Please note in the context of this award, the term “early-career Earth scientist” refers to anyone who:

i. Graduated from their highest qualification less than 5 years prior to the nomination date excluding career breaks.

ii. Has demonstrated experience in any field of Earth Science.

Please note, as this is a GSA award, only GSA NSW Division members are eligible for the award. Non-GSA members may be nominated but will be required to join the GSA prior to the receipt of the award. 

Nominations deadline: 31 January 2024

A. H. Voisey Medal

(image courtesy of Chris Fergusson)

Past Voisey Medalists

2022: Bonnie Teece
2021: Marissa Betts
2019: Sabin Zahirovic
2004: Ian Graham
2003: John V. Smith
2002: Rondi Davies
1995: Colin V. Murray-Wallace
Jonathan Aitchison
989: Chris Fergusson  

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